• Timothehippo Blank
  • ArabKing Blank
  • Hitman_GER Blank
  • SickIGN Blank
  • mst3kld Blank
  • SolidSnakeDK Blank
  • Wraithling Blank
  • Blank crowbar
  • Blank Mephilles
  • Blank LyDDa
  • Blank POPI
  • Blank Domestus
  • Blank paddy

NSL Season 18

Thursday 9 December 2021
22:00 CET

Predictions (0)

We Surrender

Match Report

Round 1: https://ns2panel.ocservers.com/nsl/round/151801
Round 2: https://ns2panel.ocservers.com/nsl/round/151808
Round 3: https://ns2panel.ocservers.com/nsl/round/151816
Round 4: https://ns2panel.ocservers.com/nsl/round/151821

paddy was mercenary for ELOgain, mst3kld, SolidSnakeDK, Wraithling for We Surrender

Kopunga allowed 3 merc at once (against the rules) with permission of ELOgain. Reasoning: Only ELOgain had anything to lose anymore, finalists were already decided, forfeit would have had the same outcome as was expected.


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