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Knife Gaming website on new domain
By Fana in Site updates at Thu, 16 Nov 2006, 07:15 -- Add comment (0)
We're still dead though. ;)

I've left the site as it was, mostly just for nostalgia but also in case someone needs information or whatever. Enjoyzor.
By Fana in Roster at Sun, 18 Jun 2006, 08:29 -- Add comment (26)
(co-authored by b1)

The wait is finally over for this season. Knife Gaming takes the ENSL champions title once again. Huzzah! Under the circumstances both teams were facing, the final was still a pretty intense and close game. Thanks to the admins and teams that participated this season, also thanks to epic for trying so hard to get a team to play us.

During Christmas 2005, eXo and Zallvan started talking about playing NS again, and starting up Knife. Funnily enough neither of these players actually played with the new Knife. After witnessing the conversation between eXo and Zallvan, b1 and Fana had a long chat about the possibility of reforming the most successful NS team in the world to date. Fana was unfortunately on the norwegian army hitlist, so it fell to the two orignal creators of Knife, b1 and cheeZ, to build the new team.

With several old school players back for some more ownage as well as some new key players, the future looked bright for the reformed Knife Gaming. While it took some time to get back to old form, we won our first ENSL championship after defeating Levitacus 3-1 in the ENSL Season 3 final. Initially we weren't sure how long we were interested in playing, but since Season 3 was so much fun we decided to keep playing.

It didn't take long before we won our second title since the comeback, defeating el'pheer 4-2 in the intensely close NS Night Cup 4 final. ENSL Season 4 would prove to be another success story, even though a lot of people thought we would fail like we did against Lessthanthree in the ENSL Season 1 final. This time, however, we came back with a vengeance and devastated epic 4-0 in the much delayed ENSL Season 4 final.

It's been a lot of fun and we've had an amazing tournament run since the reform. We've taken 3 tournament titles in 2006, without losing a single match since we reformed. After a total of 14 wins and 2 ties in 2006 -- a stunning total of 52 wins, 5 ties and 4 losses since Knife was originally started -- we've decided it's time to put an end to our legendary adventures and put the Knife name to rest.

A huge thanks to all the people that supported us, the clans that played against us and all the great people who played with us. Hopefully we'll see you around, both in NS and the next game we decide to play!

The players!

Knife Gaming 2004:

Bobby "b1" Jonsson
Henning "CastoorS" Nilsen
William "cheeZ" Brown
Jonas "eXo" Lindbäck
Øivind "Fana" K Foss
Chiel "n44bj" Koning
Reinout "Oetel" Krook
Daniel "SnS" Karlsson
Teemu "Tm" Koskela
Mark "wzza" van Koei
Erkki "Zallvan" Ahola

Knife Gaming 2005:

Bobby "b1" Jonsson
Tim "evilness" Sanou
Jonas "eXo" Lindbäck
Øivind "Fana" K Foss
Sander "frG" Van Tilburg
Graham "G" Norwood
Carl "morphz" Free
Michael "mu" Loughlin
Chiel "n44bj" Koning
Robert "raju" Weinert
Reino "Swirl" van Rensburg
Daniel "tribaldaniel" Samsung
Alexander "zaiko" Bolstad

Knife Gaming 2006

Fabian "Avex" P.
Bobby "b1" Jonsson
Benjamin "ben" Ives
William "cheeZ" Brown
Oli "d" H.
Øivind "Fana" K Foss
Sander "frG" Van Tilburg
Carl "morphz" Free
Michael "mu" Loughlin
Chiel "n44bj" Koning
Tomas "pantsu" Ekholm
Waldemar "splitter" S.
Clement "tutu"
Robin "wltrs" Brinkestål
Mark "wzza" van Koei

The good times!

ENSL Season 4 champions.
NSNC 4 champions.
ENSL Season 3 champions.
NSI Season 2 semi finalists.
ENSL Season 1 runner ups.
GamingOrb NS league Season 1 champions.
UGL Euro Season 1 champions.
ClanBase NS Opencup Fall 2004 champions.

Thirteen players chosen for their national teams for the Spring 2006 NSWC.
Five players chosen for Team Europe in the EU vs. NA Exhibition match 2005.
Eight players chosen for their national teams for the Spring 2005 NC.

Undefeated in 2006 14 - 0 - 2
Total match record 52 - 4 - 5
ENSL4 champions!
By Fana in Matches at Fri, 16 Jun 2006, 06:42 -- Add comment (6)
After a fairly tough match, we successfully defended our ENSL championship title from last season with a solid 4-0 victory against Epic. The usual ENSL finals drama was there, but all in all it was a good match. Both teams lacked preparation for the match, but made the best of it.

If I should say anything about our ingame performance, it would be that I'm extremely pleased with it. Our marine rounds went very smoothly even though our three presumed best marines weren't even playing. The alien round on veil was a real nail biter, and for a while it looked like epic might win it even though we had our second hive up. Everyone came through bigtime though and we took the round after some hefty Onos/Fade vs. JP/HA action. We won the tanith alien round comfortably, although our second hive in fusion didn't go up without a fight.

Demos will be available soon.
n44bj and ben added
By Fana in Roster at Wed, 07 Jun 2006, 00:53 -- Add comment (15)
Although just about everyone knows by now, it deserves a news post. n44bj has rejoined knife after a short stay with semperfi. He's been owning it up for a few weeks with us now, but recently his ISP has been giving him some major grief, so you might not see much of him until that's sorted.

More recently, yesterday to be precise, long time fat noob and UK loverboi ben has joined up, to replace b1 when his planned summer inactivity starts after the ENSL finals. Much drama in hold for us.
ENSL Week 7: Knife vs. Flatline
By Fana in Matches at Tue, 23 May 2006, 06:34 -- Add comment (6)
After much delay, our week 7 match against Flatline is finally being played today. Unfortunately b1 is not available, which means we'll be playing with mu as commander and whoever else is available to play in the field. This in combination with our almost complete lack of practice the last 3 weeks and the fact that the strong Flatline squad would give even our best lineup a good challenge means that this should be a close and fun game to watch. Not sure if an HLTV is up yet, but an IP should be available on irc (#knife on soon.

Get ready for some pro base action by Fana, as a side note, as my mouse is completely borked.
Flip flop
By Fana in Site updates at Sun, 21 May 2006, 04:41 -- Add comment (7)
At first the plan was to use for my website project. Then I changed my mind and decided to use Now I've changed my mind again and decided to use

Basically I can't seem to make up my mind.

Anyway, the site's back with some very minor modifications. Knife will no longer be as active as it used to be however, as the site will now focus entirely on knife gaming related items.
tutu leaves
By b1 in Roster at Mon, 17 Apr 2006, 02:02 -- Add comment (15)
tutu has quit the team to play with his french buddies instead. I'm gonna miss playing with you HUNGDADDY! I don't know if they will make a team for this ensl season or what they will do, but good luck and have fun.
See you when team sweden beats team france ass OK! =)
ENSL Week 1 and 2 summary
By Fana in Matches at Sun, 09 Apr 2006, 23:46 -- Add comment (6)
Unfortunately Lessthanthree were unable to play in week 1, which means we'll have to wait until the mop up week at the end of the season to play them. It's a shame this had to happen, but I'd personally rather play them in the mop up week than get a forfeit win. I just hope there won't be any other instances of this from other teams.

Our week 2 match on the other hand, against Semper Fi, was played on time and in record time. You'll have to watch the demos to understand what I ment with that, but suffice to say I'm very satisfied with our performance. In the end we won 4-0, and took 4 important points with us on the way to playoffs.

Demos are available here!
Fananation released!
By Fana in Various at Sat, 01 Apr 2006, 07:49 -- Add comment (38)

More information on Team Newrope
knifegaming spraylogo wow!
By b1 in Various at Wed, 29 Mar 2006, 03:36 -- Add comment (15)
Wannabe just like the pro's !? Download the hot knifegaming logo and tell all your friends about it. YEAH !!

Pwnage is just a click away


(place it directly in your half-life/ns/ folder)
back in the day
By b1 in Media at Tue, 28 Mar 2006, 02:46 -- Add comment (15)
I've been looking for this NS movie for awhile now. I got in touch with the creator LD and he told me that his friend had stored it on an FTP. I'm not so sure how long it will be up there, but if it gets removed please let me know and I'll upload it elsewhere.

Download the movie (156mb)

This movie is from 2.01 and features a mix team of the old clans KoSm and eNv playing against my 2nd clan, gBu.ns. It's one of the most craziest and funniest games I've ever played. We get pushed back into 1 hive and 1 fade vs heavy armor, but still manage to survive and win. If you don't know the teams or players, I can still recommend the download, just for some ns nostalgia.
Fananation update
By Fana in Various at Thu, 23 Mar 2006, 03:11 -- Add comment (15)
Fananation is finally nearing completion, and I'm now approximately 50% finished with the editing part of the job. More information on Team Newrope
NS Gaming Network
By Fana in Community at Mon, 20 Mar 2006, 03:07 -- Add comment (2)
After a somewhat failed first attempt, UnK, m0nk3h and Zamma have been hard at work with their second coming of the NSGN. They're almost ready to open their new site and are looking for journalists and admins to help them out. I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind seeing a second tournament in addition to the ENSL.

Be sure to go to #nsgn on quakenet and show your interest!
NSNC4 Finals vs. el'pheer
By Fana in Upcoming matches at Sun, 19 Mar 2006, 09:11 -- Add comment (5)
Status: Played

Tournament: Natural Selection Night Cup
Date: Saturday the 18th of March (18-03-06)
Time: 00:00 CET
Maps: ns_tanith / ns_eclipse_ben3 /ns_origin (overtime)


Result: 4-2
HLTV demo: TBA
NSNC4 round 3 vs. Random Mix
By Fana in Upcoming matches at Sun, 19 Mar 2006, 07:56 -- Add comment (2)
Status: Played

Tournament: Natural Selection Night Cup
Date: Saturday the 18th of March (18-03-06)
Time: 23:00 CET
Maps: ns_veil / ns_origin


Result: 4-0
HLTV demo: TBA
NSNC4 round 2 vs. Semper Fi
By Fana in Upcoming matches at Sun, 19 Mar 2006, 06:18 -- Add comment (1)
Status: Played

Tournament: Natural Selection Night Cup
Date: Saturday the 18th of March (18-03-06)
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: ns_lost


Result: 2-0
HLTV demo: TBA
NS Night Cup IV
By Fana in Community at Sat, 18 Mar 2006, 01:44 -- Add comment (1)
After a rather long hibernation period, the NS Night cups are finally back. Knife will be participating and so will hopefully many other clans.

Without going into further detail, there are 6 slots left at the moment, so get moving. More information and signup page can be found here.
ENSL III Finals - Demos
By b1 in Media at Wed, 15 Mar 2006, 08:20 -- Add comment (8)
I uploaded my commander demo from the second round of ns_veil in ENSL III Finals. Although I forgot to stop recording, so there's about 10 minutes of me jumping around on origin. The demo might be abit corrupted so if you can't play it with "viewdemo" try "playdemo", that worked for me atleast.

Commander Demo - download

HLTV Demo - download
ENSL Season 3 Champions
By Fana in Matches at Mon, 13 Mar 2006, 05:52 -- Add comment (7)
After defeating Levitacus 3-1 on ns_veil and ns_origin, we're officially the ENSL Season 3 champions. Levitacus put up a strong fight and made it difficult for us, big kudos to them and GG.
ENSL Season 3 Grand Finals vs. Levitacus
By Fana in Upcoming matches at Sun, 12 Mar 2006, 01:23 -- Add comment (5)
Status: Played

Tournament: European Natural Selection League
Date: Sunday the 12th of March (12-03-06)
Time: 19:00 CET
Maps: ns_veil (knife) / ns_origin (levitacus)

Result: 3-1
HLTV demo: Link to direct download